Anonymous asked: u're not blake lol hahaha loser, i'm gonna tell him that u're using his id and pics, leave the guy alone!

Lol sureee go ahead and ask “him” !

unclejesse4everilove asked: So I see you like Supernatural, which character do you like, Dean, Sam or Castiel?

I like Crowley

unclejesse4everilove asked: Great to see you back on Tumblr posting. You have truly been missed! :D

Anonymous asked: hey :) i just wanted to tell you that i really really respect your decision to lead a normal life!! its great to see someone who was on such a huge tv hit series turn out so down to earth!! however i was wondering if you have ever regretted that you quit acting? greetings from berlin in germany :)

Thank you! I don’t prefer the word regret. If something is good, it is wonderful and if it is bad, it was an experience. But to answer your question, I wouldn’t change my past for anything :)

pennylane918 asked: Your tumblr made me chuckle politely.

almonds-world asked: The fact that you watch Supernatural makes you 10xs more awesome!!! ^_^ What season are you on?

season 8

Anonymous asked: What are you doing?

tumbling :)

Anonymous asked: If you could reblog something full house related you would officially make my life a gijillion times better. Just one thing. Thats all I ask. Pretty please with a cherry on top (:

Anonymous asked: how many children do you want?


Anonymous asked: if there ever was a full house reunion show would you and your bro do it or do you not want that spotlight anymore?

Anonymous asked: If you have three wishes, what would you wish?

1. Wish that I am aloud to ask for more wishes.

2. Ask for infinite wishes.

3. Wish stuff

mrsanthropic asked: I just spent so much time creeping on you. You are terribly precious and intriguing! 😳

Anonymous asked: You're so sweet! I love all your responses on tumblr lol So what did you and your brother go to college for?

He went for sound technician and i went for business.

Anonymous asked: How are you 2day?