Anonymous said: Are you gay/straight/bi?

Anonymous said: you grew up to be really handsome

Awww Shucks!

Anonymous said: If you do not have preference for redheads, brunettes and blondes, you date a redhead?

I like them all! People are beautiful, all races and hair colors.

Anonymous said: Do Dylan have a gf?

Anonymous said: naah i know condoms have something to do with animals. So?


Anonymous said: Is that really your underwear u wear? Please post a photo hon

Anonymous said: I mean in condoms something with animals. How your brother protect if he has sex?

Anonymous said: You are so handsome and your eyes omg make my heart melt ❤️

Thank you Anon! I am flattered :)

Anonymous said: Are you or Dylan birgin? I need a really answer

Nope, not a Birgin I am afraid!


Sup Sup

Anonymous said: Hey how do you do today? How was your holiday?

Anonymous said: Proof its not a fake page!

Go look at my twitter page? I have time-stamped pictures and a link to this tumblr. 

devitto-daze said: Are you too grateful to be hateful? or too blessed to be stressed? haha

Anonymous said: I may or may have not just stalked a few pages of your tumblr, and your answers are legit great

Thank you, come again!